Understanding loss, grief and sadness

How to keep moving when you want to stand still

Losing a loved one is the most painful experience we feel as humans. For if we’ve loved, we shall feel loss.

The part that you don’t see every day, in your face, is how to deal with this. If we are lucky to have support systems, we are surrounded by people who help us with daily duties just to merely function when we feel we can’t. But what happens to us when these support systems are gone after the first few days and weeks following the loss?

It is so easy to fall into a slump of depression. Not dealing with people, having to answer questions, slacking off on self-care, or generally feeling apathetic.

But you have to keep moving. We are all put on this earth to fulfill a life mission. We are on this earth, to live. Live for the people that we loved so much and left before us. Live for the people that are still here and love and care about you. Most importantly, live for yourself. Try something new, experience something different. Travel. Remember who you were before you experienced loss. Remind yourself that you still and always will deserve love and happiness at each and every stage of our life. Often when our heart is shattered from loss, we begin to heal our own hearts by serving others, often in the name of those who left us. Because of people that have done this, many lives have been saved, helped, or quality of life has improved merely because of these selfless acts one felt compelled to help with after experiencing a deep loss within their family or community. Remember, your life still matters too and you yourself have reason to keep going.

And if you’re reading this and it is you yourself that perhaps is contemplating taking your own life, please know that your life is valuable. Your life is not worth less than a relationship breakup. It is not worth less than being fired from or losing a job or career even if you’ve invested many years into it. It is not worth less than filing for bankruptcy or losing your home. It is worth so much more, and there are people that can help you recover from these life altering events. You are invaluable and irreplaceable. There are people that care about you even if you feel you can’t see them. Break up with your ego and ask for help. We are all human beings with needs and none of us are exempt from the curveballs of life. At the heart of our need is love. You are loved and you can move up and out from feelings of absolute despair because you are valuable and you still have work to do here on earth.

Love and light to all of our loved ones, and neighbours who have suffered loss or are going though rough times. If you woke up today, there is a reason to keep moving forward. Find that reason, nurture it, and don’t let it go.

Please contact 1-877-435-7170 if you or someone you know is contemplating suicide or visit Reason to Live

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