Meet Kylie

Founder & Content Creator

Kylie is the founder of Beyond Brand Media. Born in Canada, raised in the wild North of Manitoba she’s an ENFP- which means everything she does is led with passion and creativity. Her passions include working with mission based brands, creating valuable and inspiring content, and raising two beautiful young women.

A serial entrepreneur of fifteen years, she grew her businesses with Facebook marketing and quickly learned to monetize Instagram and understand Google Analytics. Realizing that social platforms are a tool and not just a place to play is essential for brands to learn and utilize.

The world changed faster than most could keep up following the pandemic of Covid-19. If you weren’t online before- you better be now! We can help you.

A lot of social agencies focus on aesthetic. While that is incredibly important in our socials strategies- our priority is client experience. You are who your target client should think of when wanting to learn or connect with your product or service.

Think of your social platforms as if someone is coming to your storefront-even your home. Yes the aesthetic is important. But most people don’t just come to your place of business because your walls are painted nice or your displays are beautifully placed. They’re coming to get something. To buy, to learn, to be educated, entertained or inspired.

Putting it all together and making sense of the information is understanding the analytics. Making sure the systems in place work- and don’t only just look pretty. Imagine someone is coming to your store with $1000 to spend. They try to open the door and you ignore them. That’s the same as not checking your DM’s or your inbox. Now imagine you opened the door and then closed it on them. That’s the same as leaving your client on read. Social media is a culture that is changing every day. It’s a language, a system and an important piece of your business. One wrong move could cost you- and not moving at all is a huge disservice.

Marketing and communications is at the heart of everything Kylie does. She loves people, and loves packaging and delivering services and products in ways that make sense both functionally and aesthetically. Whatever works for YOUR brand, YOUR clients and YOUR business is the right way to go, and we’re here to find out which way that is.

You can find Kylie usually on Instagram, creating digital content and doing her best to inspire and lead through her experiences.