Living YOUR healthy life. Where to start when we are bombarded with so much conflicting information.

Being healthy.

What does that even mean anymore?

As a society, we are bombarded by terms that can make our lifestyle healthier, cleaner, leaner, etc. We are targeted by quick fix programs that will help us live better, lose weight, build muscle, sleep better and look a certain way.

With so much misconstrued information out there, it’s no wonder we as a society are suffering with disease and disorder caused by poor lifestyle choices. What are the right choices to live a healthier life??

One day eggs are good for us the next they’re not.

What is better?? Whole wheat or gluten free bread? Or do I scrap bread altogether??

Butter? Or margarine??…ok, wait…COCONUT OIL!!


So many of us don’t even trust the information we are given anymore, so we just live by the motto “everything is bad for us, so I’m just going to live my life” or some of us look at the prices of healthier choices or organic foods, and simply feel they can’t afford it. Especially for families. Preparing and cooking food takes up more time than buying prepared and packaged food. All of these are reasons we choose the unhealthier path.

But…YAY!!!!! These are obstacles we can all still overcome through education and sound information that is works for each of us.

It really comes down to making health choices that work for YOU as an individual and keeping it super simple. What works for one person, might not work for another. Each of us are biochemically different than the next person.

We have to start understanding that.

How do you FEEL these days?

Are you in pain?

Are you always feeling tired or exhausted?

Do you have digestion issues?

How you feel is important to living your most vibrant and fulfilling life.

What we fuel our body with is a direct reflection of how we feel and what our energy output is.

Where are you spending your time?

Are you spending enough time on sleep and self care?

Here are some simple tips that anyone can follow to start making subtle, but powerful changes in your life!

Lower your sugar intake.

Sugar creates acidity in the body, becoming a perfect host for many diseases, disorders and inflammation. It’s hidden in processed foods labeled ‘low-fat’, is overflowing in sodas, processed juices, and is in white breads and pastas. One thing I tell clients a lot is to replace the foods you love with healthier options. Read that again. REPLACE. Not live without, but replace the junk for healthier options that even TASTE better. For example, make a chocolate almond milk smoothie at home, instead of buying a sugar laden, artifical chocolate milkshake from the drive-thru.

Brown rice pastas, sprouted grain breads, full fat yogurts instead of low fat options, and honey in your baking and coffee instead of refined sugars, are all a great way to start decreasing sugar on a regular basis!

Getting used to eating a hearty breakfast!

A lot of people complain that they just aren’t hungry in the morning, eating early makes them nauseous, or they simply don’t have the time. Eating breakfast is important to regulating your metabolism and your blood sugar. Breakfast literally means “break the fast”. Your body has been fasting all night. Doing what it knows how to do at this time, repairing and renewing itself. What you put into your body after that fast should be nutritious and energizing! Eat something nutrient dense- eggs are a GREAT source of nutrients and protein. The yolk is better for you than the actual whites, and are actually a great first food for babies! Nut butters are great on sprouted toast as well. If you’re pressed for time, or are just getting used to the idea of eating in the morning, why not try a smoothie? Use fruit for your sweet source, and add spinach (doesn’t taste like anything in smoothies!!) and your favourite milk! Nut milks can be made homemade or purchased without sugar! A great alternative if you are a dairy free, or cannot digest the sugar or protein in cow’s milk.

Don’t skip drinking fresh, clean water!

*Insert eye roll* Yes Kylie, drink more water and life will magically be better. Sigh. There are apps, oversized water bottles and a ton of other products out there to remind you to drink water. You do not need to overthink this!!! Just pour in a glass and drink! Drink water whenever you can until it gets as routine as your morning coffee. In fact, for every cup of coffee or soda, down a cup of water. This will help to keep flushing your body! Try to get used to not drinking cold beverages with your meals. This slows digestion. You will be amazed how so many disorders are remedied just be staying hydrated. If you’re a hot yogi practioner like moi, you better be tripling that intake!!

Exercise in any way, shape or form, for at least 20 minutes every day.

You don’t need to belong to a gym or studio to do this. When you’re starting out, it’s important to not overthink things! Just do it. Establish the routine first. It takes 21 days to break a habit and create a new one. As a beginner to changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, simply walking for 20 minutes, whether altogether, or broken up in smaller chunks, is all you need. If you’re sitting in a chair, bed or wheel chair, arm circles or side bends might be something you need to start off with!

Manage your breath.

Seriously I’m not joking. Controlling our breath is important to managing stress and being mindful of our actions. Stress kills everything. Destroys digestion, sleep, and immunity. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few moments immediately after waking up, moments before eating, whenever you feel stressed, when you’re outside, and before bed.

Breathing deeply thvinyasa teacher trainingough the nose, …………

Inhale– all that you are grateful, deserving of, peace and healing

Sighing with relief out the mouth,……….

Exhale– everything and all that is NO LONGER SERVING YOU WELL! Release the negativity, the pain, judgements, and expectations of ourselves.

Remember, don’t overthink it, just get up and get moving in ways that work for your body, and eat food that makes you feel good and gives you energy! Listen to your body always! A great tip for food is asking yourself where it came from. As much as possible, try to eat food that comes in its natural source and not overly processed, or processed at all.

Take baby steps, and be happy with where you are on your path to health and wellness. Don’t compare yourself to others, because your journey is different than the next persons! Strive for a better life that works for you!

I’d love to hear from you! Try these out and tell me what you think and if it’s helped you!


Here’s to your health!

As always, check with your doctor or health practitioner for any medical related questions. This information is to be used as a guide and not to replace medical advice.img-love-light-kylie-xo

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