You are not a tree

A lot of what I do to help my clients in yoga is to teach people how to stay grounded, in yoga postures and in life. To find connection when they are feeling lost, to find balance, stability and stillness while moving through the chaos of life.

While it is wonderful to practise balancing and being grounded, like a tree, it’s important to remember that we ourselves are not trees. (Surprise!) We can … no, we will be faced with hardship and uncertainty. This is promised to all of us, for this is the reality of life.


You have the ability to move. You have the ability to change your mindset, to choose freedom, to choose success, to choose happiness, despite all that has been thrown at you. You are not a tree. You do not need to stay in one place and hope for the best. You can choose it. I don’t know your struggles, and you don’t know mine. It doesn’t matter what struggles they are. We all have them because none of us are exempt from the hardships of life.

What is available to you are the tools needed to become grounded when you need to be. To provide clarity, time and space when your thoughts are tangled. Stand tall and practise tree pose from yoga to get into these moments where you need to be detangled. But the moment you step down, remind yourself that you have the ability to continue the steps and get out of your situation. To keep moving, and keep living despite everything that has, and will still come your way.

Keep moving. Because you are not a tree.

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