Very Berry Smoothie

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So smoothies are kinda…my thing.

Green smoothies, berry smoothies, tropical smoothies, DESSSERRRRT smoothies….I love them all.

I loved them so much, that I opened up a little health bar called, The Balance Bar, alongside my little yoga studio. I’ve since passed the reigns on to another eager entrepreneur to take it over, as I go full force with the Yogifoodipreneur.

My hands down most poplar cold bevvie, was the Very Berry. I am sure I could have been more original with the naming of these blended concoctions, but well, the name is what it is!!

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The Very Berry Smoothie
A super delicious multi berry smoothie that no one can resist!! Full of antioxidants! Kids LOVE it! NO refined sugars, syrups or dyes!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Place all solid ingredients on the bottom of the blender
  2. Add apple juice, and blend for 30 sec. Feel free to boost your smoothie with spinach, protein powders, plant proteins like chia, hemp or flax, or add a superfood like acai berry powder!
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