Morning yoga poses

Aaaaaaaand. It’s fall.

With the change of season in the air, for some of us, its perfect timing to start getting back into the swing of things, and either get back to our exercise routine, or start one!
Check out some of myfavourite yoga poses to stretch in the mornings. Give yourself maybe ten minutes! Maybe you want to start off your routine by just using these stretches, or you want to add them before your workout, or you want to get up from your office chair at work and apply them mid-day. Whatever it is, enjoy! These full body stretches feel amazing! Try to breathe for 4-5 breaths in each stretch!

Shoulder opener in chair pose:

From standing with your feet 6 inches apart, bring your arms in front of your body on an angle. Breathing deeply through your nose, try bringing your thumbs back so your arms work on becoming vertical. This releases tightness in your shoulders and feels amazing!

Cat/cow Flow: and they are great to group together to warm up your spine!

Starting on your knees and hands (tabletop position) arch your back like an angry cat, and then sink down and look up in the ‘cow’ position. I like to rock back and forth like in my pictures, or you can simply just move your back up and down. Don’t forget to breathe with your movements!

Gate pose: and it stretches your obliques, latissimus dorsi, your shoulders and your hamstrings.

Put a mat or pillow under your bottom knee if you need to. This pose is a deep stretch! Feel free to keep the bottom hand at your hip instead of reaching for the foot, and the top hand overhead in a position that is comfortable to hold. Don’t forget to switch sides!

Wide stand folded twist:

Keep your hands both at your hips if reaching for the floor or lower part of your legs isn’t available to you yet. This pose is an amazing spinal and digestive twist. It also opens the shoulders and stretches the backs of the knees and legs, and strengthens the ankles.

Hip opening flow:

Flow from side to side with one leg bent and the other leg straight! Keep your back flat! Feel free to put your hands on your couch or a chair instead of reaching for the ground with a rounded spine. It is up to you how much you want to bend the knee!

Always, ALWAYS listen to your body. Yoga looks different on everybody, but make no mistake, it is for every BODY!

I hope you enjoyed these nice little stretches to get you moving and feeling great! If you like seeing instructional yoga poses like this, please email me to [email protected] and let me know what you want to see!

Hop on my Facebook page where I do live yoga classes! Practice with me!!

Happy stretching!

Here’s to your health!

As always, check with your doctor or health practitioner for any medical related questions. This information is to be used as a guide and not to replace medical advice.



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