Learn to let go

Sometimes, as a yoga teacher and life enthusiast, I can get carried away in the words of the teachings of living your best life and forget about how hard it is for people to actually, legitimately, do this.

Hey, I was a master “feels dodger”. I get it, it’s easier to escape sometimes, than to experience reality. I used to think that to get what you want you need to be hard and strong. But as I get older I realize this is untrue.

When we hold onto feelings our muscles are always tight, we carry excess weight despite all exercise and good eating habits, and we become ill. It’s important to let go of whatever grungy energy is holding onto us. It is so hard to leave a job that doesn’t fulfill your life purpose or satisfy you, it is hard to up and move to a city or country that serves you well, and the most difficult, it is hard to let go of people that you wish would be someone to you that just aren’t. Or you wish would change. It’s terrifying to step into reality and feel these emotions, but it has to get done.  It’s ok to allow yourself to feel.

Is it easy?

Frick no.

Is it necessary?



When you let go, you will become awakened, and things will get easier. I have put up with trauma, manipulation, abuse and heaps of unhappiness because I was too scared to feel. Can you imagine?

But guess what?

I walked straight into the fire and let these feelings burn my soul.

And you know what?

Under all the ashes, I see new growth. Growth that you read about, pray about, dream about…and that gives me so much hope, happiness, and motivation that there are ALWAYS good things on the way. Always. Always new people, always new jobs, always new places to explore.

This incredible fire that I forced myself to experience provided me with the understanding to never put up with anything that isn’t for my highest potential, and doesn’t serve me on this life journey. That in itself is damn hard, because there is a world of temptation out there. A world and a society of perception to take the easy, and familiar path. Trust that the times we are led into temptation are spiritual teachers jumping in your face, testing if you remember what it was like to feel that fire and if it’s worth it to be burnt again.

Trust the process, let go, let go, and let go.

It’s like living on a small island your whole life, and you can see across the water, is an exciting new place that you know would serve you with a bounty of amazing opportunities, but you’re scared to cross the water because you know the waves will be high and fierce.

You can’t live your life planted in the sand. You can give yourself permission to ride those waves and feel each emotion, to allow you to get what you want. Look at your life right now. What do you know you need to let go of? People? Places? Things?? Give yourself permission and time to feel every emotion, then handle it. Move on and step into new opportunities.

“Whatever life takes away from you, let it go.”- Miguel Ruiz

It’s ok to let go. Go ahead and put your thoughts out there on what you want, and keep that as your focus. Ask for the most benevolent outcome. You might surprise yourself with what happens.

Let it go baby. Welcome August with this new mindset, I hope it’s nothing but magic for you.


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